BJ DRYE COLUMN: Celebrating in a grand way

Published 8:57 am Sunday, September 13, 2020

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Sunday is National Grandparents Day.

Each one of my grandparents had a different impact on me, and each one saw me go through a different stage in my life.

B.J. Drye

I get my thriftiness from all four, though I did inherit Grandma McLester’s love of shopping. And her love of people watching.

Some people bird watch. I people watch. You can learn a lot about someone by being over in the corner at a party not saying anything.

I get my musical interests from Grandma Drye, who actually was in a band. I never knew that until a few years ago. And if you’re wondering, I still don’t know how to play the piano yet, though I do still have an award that says I do.

I probably spent the most time when I was younger with her. We had our favorite TV show, put puzzles together and enjoyed her molasses cake that no one can find the recipe for.

I’ve grown into my hairstyle and gained a fondness for hats from Grandpa Drye.

My mom says I take most after her dad.

We both worked with our hands, but we used different tools. Whenever I find myself in a tight spot, not knowing what to do next, I sometimes feel like the answer comes from him. He knew there was more than one way to fix something. Even though I didn’t gain the ability to fix items mechanically, I did gain the mental ability to do it.

Thursday marked 25 years since he’s been gone. It was during my sophomore year of high school. My other grandpa died during my senior year. Grandma Drye lived long enough to see me get a job, and she loved reading the latest news from her grandson. Grandma McLester lived long enough to see me become editor.

While I didn’t get everything accomplished I wanted for her to see, I know she and the others would be proud of me now.

Most grandparents get the reputation for spoiling their grandchildren. I don’t consider myself to have been spoiled by them for store-bought gifts, but they may have spoiled me with their characteristics.

I will not even mention the orneriness gene.

Mainly because I’m stubborn.

During this time of dealing with COVID-19, I send a virtual wave to all grandparents. You are appreciated in a special way.

B.J. Drye is general manager and editor of The Stanly News & Press. Call 704-982-2123, or follow bjdrye1 on Twitter.