LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you, President Biden

Published 3:15 pm Thursday, March 11, 2021

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I think it is now time for all of us to say “Thank you, President Joe Biden.”

Thank you for causing my gas price to go up an average of 25 cents a month since you have been in office.

Thank you for cancelling 11,000 workers from their livelihoods just because you don’t want the XL Pipeline to be completed.

Thank you for stopping all fracking on public lands. Do you know that with no fossil fuels we don’t have any Petroleum products? Don’t guess you would ever need a toothbrush, you can chew on a twig plucked from the Rose Garden by one of your handlers.

Oh yes, I also wanted to thank you for killing women’s sports by allowing wired men who want to play women’s sports. What girl wants to compete against men for a spot on the women’s basketball team, and then go take a shower with him?

I know that there are thousands of people who want to thank you for calling them unessential workers while you and all other politicians are essential and you guys didn’t miss a single paycheck. But people who had jobs that barely keep their families fed and paid their house payments, and clothed their families, they weren’t able because of your decisions.


By the way, I need to thank you ahead of time for doing away with rubber tires and putting us back to wooden wheels.

Rubber tires will be a thing of the past since “No Petroleum, No Rubber Tires.”

So thank you, President Joe. America was well on track to becoming great again, but you have saved the day by putting America last not first.

With a little luck we can go back to Obama days where we bow down to some Muslim leader somewhere.

Don Abernathy