LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘I am a winner because I wake up in America’

This is to answer Nancy Bryant and her letter of hopelessness.

I have had no issues with hopelessness because every day when I wake up I know I am a winner because I wake up in America, the land of the free, because of the brave.

The Biden Administration is doing all it can to ruin that, but I have faith the good people in this country will prevail.

The inflation that we have is caused by complete disregard of basic engineering principles. Carbon-based fuels have been the main source of fuel for the modern world and cannot be replaced in a quick manner without lots of upheaval.

The inflation reduction act is not a reducer of inflation — it is a waste of tax money. We have a president who talks about things that he knows nothing about.

If we would enforce the laws we have crime would not be excessive.

The list of things that Nancy Bryant wrote will not help the high price of food, fuel, fertilizer for farmers or anything else I can think of.

Lewis Furr