During the summer of 1957, the local Moose Lodge began a fundraising project, led by member Bill Betts, to raise money for a three-wheel all-weather vehicle for an elderly local resident who had mobility issues. Many of the other local civic, veterans and community organizations joined in the effort to raise the $850 needed to purchase the vehicle. Early on it had been decided the vehicle would need to be paid for in full before loaning it to the eventual user. There were a number of times the vehicle was put on display and several fundraisers were held to raise the money to buy it. It took time but the following year, in August 1958, the vehicle was finally paid for, and the Moose Lodge was able to loan the car to its first user. When the first user was no longer able to operate the car, it was to be returned to the Moose Lodge. What happened to this vehicle is not known. {Lewis Bramlett – Stanly County Historical Society}