Norwood officer survives chase, crash

By Ritchie Starnes

News Editor

A Norwood police officer is lucky to be alive after a harrowing ordeal with a suspect Friday night.

Detective Michael Hodgson survived the ride of his life after pulling himself into the car of a suspect that left him dangling from the car during a traffic stop. Hodgson then had to fight the suspect for control of the fleeing car before going airborne and then crashing, according to Norwood police Chief James Wilson.

The incident began around 9 p.m. when Hodgson stopped Timothy Addario Robinson, of Badin, for a burned out tail light on a 2005 Mazda in front of Norwood Elementary School. “The suspect was acting very nervous,” Wilson said. “Because of his nervousness Detective Hodgson asked if he had any weapons. Robinson then pulled a handgun from his pocket that the officer then grabbed away.”

As Robinson was ordered to stay at the back of the car with another officer, Hodgson began searching the Mazda for additional weapons, Wilson said.

“Robinson kept trying to re-enter the car,” Wilson said. “Then he jumped back inside the car and took off with Detective Hodgson hanging outside the door for about 400 yards. Hodgson had to pull himself into the car. If he doesn’t pull himself inside the car, he gets run over.”

Robinson sped away in the direction of Rocky River reaching speeds in excess of 80 mph, Wilson said. “

Robinson told the officer they were going to both die because he was going to run them off the Rocky River bridge,” Wilson said.

Hodgson managed to wrestle control of the steering wheel before veering the car off Old U.S. Highway 52 and crashing in Anson County. After the wreck, Robinson fled on foot as Hodgson gave chase before physically overtaking the suspect, Wilson said.

Both men were hurt in the incident and taken to the hospital. Hodgson was treated and released with minor injuries.

Officers took Robinson to jail where he was booked before successfully posting a $750,000 secured bond for his release.

Robinson was charged with multiple crimes, including the attempted killing of Hodgson.

A search of the car revealed Robinson was in the possession of a significant quantity of marijuana and cocaine, Wilson said.

Friday night’s traffic stop was part of a saturation patrol in Norwood involving multiple law enforcement agencies, including the N.C. Highway Patrol, Stanly County Sheriff’s Office and Anson County Sheriff’s Office.

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