Health Department increases contact tracing of COVID-19


Stanly County Health Department currently reports 28 positive cases of COVID-19, with four deaths. Seventeen individuals have recovered and approximately 892 COVID-19 tests have been performed as of Tuesday afternoon.

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community, Stanly County Health
Department is increasing contact tracing.

Contact tracing is used to identify and monitor all persons who might have been exposed to a person with COVID-19. The following are questions related to contact tracing.

● What questions will the health department ask if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?

○ Who have you been in contact with? Includes family members, people you work with, friends, and healthcare providers.

○ Where have you been? Every place you have been during the time period you may have been able to spread the virus.

● Will the health department inform people that I may have exposed them to COVID-19?

○ The health department is not allowed to release your name to anyone they contact because that is considered protected personal health information.

● I went to a party while I was sick. If I tell the health department who was at the party with me, will they get in trouble?

○ Giving contact information to the health department will not be used against you or anyone you were in contact with. The purpose of contact tracing is to make sure people can monitor themselves in case they were infected by the virus.

● What does it mean to self-monitor? What symptoms am I looking for?

○ Self-monitoring means that you continually check yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. Write down your symptoms for 14 days. Symptoms include: cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, repeated shaking with chills, headache, sore throat, muscle pain, and new loss of taste and smell.

● Why does the health department want to know where I was even before I started feeling sick?

○ It is possible to spread the virus up to two days before you started feeling sick.

For more information about contact tracing:

You can stop the spread of the virus by continuing to take these precautions against the spread
of COVID-19.

● STAY HOME! Follow the NC Stay-at-Home Order requirements

● Wear a face covering when in public

● Maintain social distancing, stay 6 feet away from others

● Wash your hands often, for 20 seconds with soap and water

● Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your bent elbow

● Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

● Avoid people who are sick

● If you are sick, stay home and call your healthcare provider

Questions or Concerns?
Contact the Stanly County Coronavirus Helpline: 704-986-7483 or