Board pulls COVID resolution from agenda

Consideration of a resolution that would “discourage all Stanly County residents from receiving (the mRNA COVID vaccination) until the necessary safety trials are conducted” was pulled from the Stanly County Health and Human Services Board agenda at the beginning of the group’s Thursday meeting.

Stanly County Commissioner Brandon King informed board members that the reason for the item being removed from the agenda was to allow for further study of its legality.

“We’re waiting on some information from the state and county attorneys to make sure the legalities are what we discussed and what options we do have before we try to proceed with this resolution,” said King.

Interim Health Director David Ezzelle had earlier informed The Stanly News & Press that the resolution had been “presented to the Health and Human Services Board by an individual unaffiliated with the Stanly County Health and Human Services Department,” adding that the department, “takes all health concerns of citizens into consideration in policy decisions.”

The language of the resolution describes the mRNA vaccine as “gene therapy,” a term to which Ezzelle took exception.

“The mRNA vaccination has been mischaracterized when it is referred to as gene therapy,” he said.

No information was discussed as to if the resolution would come back before the board.

In other matters:

● Board member Dr. Tom Norwood reported on his attendance at recent presentations to elected officials in the county regarding the pros and cons of water fluoridation.

● The board discussed formation of a subcommittee which would be involved in the search and interview process for a new Health and Human Services director.

● Budget proposals for the 2024-25 fiscal year were presented by Ezzelle (Public Health) and Dolly Clayton (Social Services), and were unanimously approved by the board.

● Ezelle and Clayton delivered operations updates from their respective departments.

The next scheduled meeting of the HHS board will be at 6 p.m. June 4.

Toby Thorpe is a freelance writer for The Stanly News & Press.