LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hate will never solve a problem

A young conservative friend of mine in Albemarle once said I was the only Democrat he actually respected and that began a years’ long relationship between us.

We have been emailing our thoughts on politics and other topics. He is a supporter of Donald Trump, while I am not. He listens to Fox, while I do not. We, do, however, respectfully communicate, send articles (I, mostly), ask questions, agree sometimes that there is chaos out there in world for sure.

Last week, I sent my friend a quote from the annual Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) speaker last month who said, “I just wanted to say, welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on January 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it.” My friend couldn’t/didn’t believe it, saying, “How can this be? We all love our country!”

Yes, indeed, how can this be that the famous CPAC folks, supporter of all things Trump, can say these things and the Republicans say nothing, absolutely nothing to refute this anti-Constitutional language, to say nothing of the Christian Nationalism implicit in this speech.

How can some of our friends and neighbors stand by and let this go by? How can some of them stand by while Lt. Gov. Robinson spews out antisemitism, among the other hateful language that demeans our fellow citizens. How can my fellow Democrats stand by and say nothing? Remember, the saying goes, to say nothing is to agree with what is being said or written.

Do you really, really agree? Where are the backbones of leaders and plain citizens in both parties who stand by and let hate melt away our democracy and our relationships?

What if, you, too, reached out to someone you know on the “other side” to begin a relationship like my young friend and I have done? Reach out in respect, listen, in love, because hate will never solve a problem; only love will.

Nancy C. Bryant