Stanly’s Dual Language Immersion program nears end of application phase

The Stanly County Schools Dual Language Immersion (DL/I) Program is taking applications for rising kindergarten students for the 2024-2025 school year.

“The SCS Immersion Program is in the fifth year of implementation and is thriving in Stanly County as 1 out of 260 DL/I programs in North Carolina,” Jodi Autry, principal of Endy Elementary, said.

“Dual-language immersion programs facilitate biliteracy — the ability to speak, listen, read and write proficiently in two languages — by taking advantage of young children’s propensity for language acquisition. Students in the immersion program at Endy Elementary are biliterate by fifth grade. Graduates of the program will receive a Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma and have the foundation for success after graduation.”

The program is designed for English speaking students to receive an immersive language experience beginning in kindergarten. Student instruction is aligned to the same standards and curriculum as a traditional classroom, however, 90% of the instruction is in Spanish.

“Students in this program are experiencing higher rates of proficiency, above average test scores, increased critical thinking skills and develop skills needed to navigate the world around them,” Autry said. “Students in the DL/I Program have consistently outperformed the traditional classroom students on End of Grade tests.”

Endy is the home of the Dual Language Immersion Program in Stanly County Schools and has been named Model School for global education by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

“Our goal is that all students develop cultural awareness, competence and communication skills that will support their success after graduation,” Autry said. “Through outreach, technology, collaborative studies and innovative teaching, students will embrace global awareness and increased global literacy.”

The application for the next cohort of students is open through the end of April.

More information and videos can be found on the Endy Elementary or Stanly County Schools Facebook page.

Interested families can also reach out to Autry for more information.

“I have a passion for this program and what it can do for students. As a teacher, instructional coach, administrator and now parent of a DL/I student, I have been able to study the program for the last 12 years,” Autry said. “I recently attained the Dual Language Administration certification from East Carolina University through a sponsorship by NCDPI. I serve on the Dual Language Immersion advisory board for North Carolina as well as an advisor for Participate Learning, our partner company that allows us to hire highly qualified educators from around the world. My goal is to ensure that all students in Stanly County receive the best quality of instruction possible and that our program continues to thrive in Stanly County.”

Parents can apply at and visit for more information.