LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The real hate group is …

In the Sept. 21-22 weekend edition of The SNAP, you link the North Stanly rally organizers Jeremy Onitreb and Jay Thaxton to the Proud Boys, a so-called “general hate group” as defined by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

I do not know either Mr. Onitreb or Mr. Thaxton. I know nothing about the Proud Boys. I have, however, done some reading about the SPLC.

At one time the Southern Poverty Law Center may have served a good purpose by opposing groups like the KKK — but no more.

Not long ago the SPLC labeled Dr. Ben Carson an extremist, although that was later retracted. The SPLC has also labeled the National Organization for Marriage, Liberty Counsel and the Family Research Council as “hate groups” simply because these groups oppose same-sex marriage and support religious freedom.

Lumping these faith-based organizations with the KKK is ridiculous. Using the SPLC to make an assessment of either Jeremy Onitreb or Jay Thaxton is also ridiculous.

David Almond