My friend and neighbor, Peter Asciutto, is campaigning for reelection to the Stanly County Board of Commissioners.
In my opinion, he deserves to be re-elected, primarily for constantly demonstrating throughout his current term a commitment to the very highest level of public service to residents of our county.

On many early mornings, after he has completed his customary mile run, he is nice enough to walk with me on my route. He then shares some of the complex and difficult issues facing the county.

As we have talked over these many months, I have noticed a consistency in his approach to momentous decision making. He first carefully listens to the opinions of his constituents, then researches and studies how similar issues were handled in prior situations and times, looks for ways to best facilitate a path forward and makes his own principled judgement in how his vote might be best impactful.

Each explanation sounds to me carefully reasoned, fair, well-intentioned and one that will bring the most lasting positive benefits to the residents of Stanly County.

In all these years as a resident, Peter has consistently shown his care, concern and sincere interest in others and financially has supported those helping agencies and causes that benefit our wide community. In all his volunteer and professional civic involvement, his only personal agenda is trying to do the right thing and give his best effort.

We are fortunate in Stanly County to have such a selfless, articulate candidate who desires to be elected only to serve the public good. Sincere. Principled. Inclusive. Insightful. Consistent. Thoroughly prepared.

Peter Asciutto is the candidate we need to vote for in the March 5 primary.

Jim Sawyer