LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do you really want a civil war?

This weekend, Oct 14-15, we are witnessing another, new, terrible war in our world, this one between Palestine and Israel. It’s just another one between people whose disagreements and hatreds have been going on for centuries. And it’s awful, heartbreaking for us to watch.

Is that really what some ultra conservative leaders and TV folks in our country have called for in recent days? Do they really want us, the United States of America, to engage in another civil war here?

If so, they are so ignorant, it’s beyond belief how they graduated from their history classes where even an elementary student learns of the horrors of that war.

My father served in the Army infantry in World War II. You followers of those people calling for war now, do you really want the horrors of that war to take place here?

My brother served in the Vietnam War. Do you really want the horrors of that war to take place here?

As they say, “Words matter!” When you call for your followers to rise up in war, when you call on them to provoke violence, you encourage some to actually commit violence. There are multiple instances of those types of crimes happening right now in our country because of their ignorant calls for violence.

My leader is God who through his beloved son calls all of us who listen to him to live our lives in love, in kindness, in peace, forgiving, listening to the other, respecting each other.

I don’t know who you follow, those of you calling for violence and war, but it surely isn’t the God of love.

Nancy C. Bryant