LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Helping others in a year like no other

2020, a year like no other, right?

Live Again Ministries has coped with unexpected circumstances as well. This non-profit began in 2011 and is headquartered in Locust.

A two-person team left on Dec. 12 to help with a Christmas food-distribution project in Roatan, Honduras. Five others during the year had to be canceled because of the pandemic. Mission projects include distribution of water filters.

In March, LAM joined with Roatan Because We Care to begin a food bank to distribute food to families on the island of Roatan which had been extremely hard hit economically by the pandemic. Eighty percent of the population relies economically on tourism which came to an sudden halt in March. To date over over $99,000 has been raised and sent to this project.

Another LAM ministry involves helping a homeless community in the South Boulevard area of Charlotte. On Dec. 14 a team of seven people distributed 25 backpacks filled with essential items.

The intent of each visit is to treat the homeless, many of whom are addicts, with dignity and respect and to offer them help toward a better life.

LAM partners with Legacy House in Locust and West Stanly Christian Ministries in Stanfield to provide an intern/mentoring program. In 2020, nine men and two women were involved in the program called Living Again.

TRIBE (Teaching Responsibility in Behavior and Education) is an after school program run by LAM. Its goal is to help teens who need some extra help socially, academically and spiritually.

Over the past seven years TRIBE has created its own curriculum and has made an impact on numerous teens. Referrals to TRIBE come from West Stanly middle and high schools. TRIBE has not met in person since March. LAM leadership is looking into a
restart sometime early in 2021.

A golf tournament has been the main fundraiser the past 10 years. Despite two delays it was held on Oct. 23. It turned out to be a really good year for the event despite the pandemic.

Nidia is the director of the Roatan Food Bank project mentioned above. Recently she sent a message that had been sent to her one morning: “Good morning Miss Nidia..girl this morning I AM so hungry…want to ask you if you don’t hace (have) a couple (of) eggs or hot dogs with a little pound of rice I can cook to eat…I went to bed with (nothing but) tea on my stomak (stomach) (last night). My daughter promise to send me a few lempiras but tomorrow late in the afternoon. Any little thing you cool (could do) today will be a crear (clear) blessing sweetie..and thanks very much. sorry for bugging (you).”

Nidia said that she wakes up to such messages most mornings and feels so blessed to be able to help.

2020: a year like no other. LAM feels that God has worked in different and yes, sometimes mysterious ways in 2020.

Ronny Russell
Executive Director