Norwood Town Council signs contract with Center Rural

Norwood Town Council reached an agreement for fire coverage which eventually will cost the town twice the current rate paid.

Earlier this month, Council unanimously passed a new contract with Center Rural Fire Department to provide fire protection services.

The council stated it was waiting on approval from December for town attorney Jim Phillips to review the new contract. In the contract, the town paid CRFD $76,875 for the current fiscal year. However, the rate will go up to $136,500 for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

The town will also owe a payment of $53,125 on July 10, along with the new rate, as a one-time payment for capital improvements.

Mayor Pro Tem James Lilly asked if the town had the money for this, to which Councilman Wes Hartsell and others said a budget amendment would be made for the next fiscal year for the increase.

The new contract also calls for increases over the next two fiscal years, to $143,325 in 2024-25 and $150,492 for 2025-26.

CRFD will need to have proof of current, valid insurance coverage, including a comprehensive general liability with minimum limits of $1 million.