Forest Creek subdivision in Oakboro gets Phase 2 final approval

A subdivision in Oakboro received final approval from the Oakboro Town Council.

Oakboro Town Administrator Doug Burgess spoke at Tuesday’s specially called meeting of the council. He said the town’s planning board met an hour prior to the council’s meeting.

The planning board made a favorable recommendation, Burgess said, for final approval of Phase 2 of the Forest Creek Subdivision on Hatley-Burris Road.

Former Stanly County Commissioner Joseph Burleson, the developer of the project, had to meet certain conditions for approval by the planning board. One condition, Burgess said, was a final lift of asphalt, which he added the town did not want until the subdivision was near full occupation.

The town asked for a letter of credit on the asphalt from Burleson through First Bank for $59,000. Burgess said the town had received the letter.

Oakboro also asked for a $6,150 bond for street lights along with a $190,000 bond for sidewalks, which the builders, TruHomes, will pay.

Burleson and the Oakboro staff also reached an agreement about the waterline, leaving it where it is while getting a $30,000 bond for any repairs which may be needed.

One stipulation of the town’s opens space ordinance allows a builder to pay $7,000 in lieu of the space. According to Burgess, Burleson agreed to pay that amount.

The request by Burleson was approved unanimously.