Locust issues release on police officer’s job termination

Locust City Administrator Cesar Correa issued a press release late Wednesday afternoon detailing the city’s recent actions regarding a member of its police department.

According to the release, Detective Jaman Smith was placed on administrative leave last Friday after learning of his behavior while off duty and outside of the town’s jurisdiction.

The release said Smith’s behavior “constituted detrimental personal conduct, in violation of City and Department policy.”

According to the release, the investigation ended Monday when Smith was terminated.

“The Locust Police Department’s investigation of Detective Smith was administrative only and our actions were taken because of a clear City and Department policy violation. The investigation was referred to agencies including the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney for their own evaluation,” the statement read.

A letter sent to Smith stated he violated policy “governing employee conduct on and off-duty entailed in Article IX of the City of Locust employee personnel policy manual and General Order 7008 of the Locust Police Department Policy manual and particularly to the section covering detrimental personal conduct.”

Smith had been employed with Locust since October 2020.