Stanly Community College, UNCW partner for PathWays program

Coming soon in early 2024, it will be easier for Stanly Community College students to transfer to UNC-Wilmington.

Through the new PathWays program, the university aims to form partnerships with all 58 state community colleges that will guarantee admissions for eligible students and provide seamless support for those seeking a four-year degree.

“We want to make sure there are many roads that lead to becoming a UNCW Seahawk,” said Chancellor Aswani K. Volety. “Through PathWays, we are collaborating with our state education partners to reduce barriers and simplify the transfer process for all students seeking educational opportunities in our state.”

The new PathWays program, previously known as UNCW Pathways to Excellence, will further enhance the university’s collaboration with community colleges by providing qualifying students with a clear path to admissions. Students in this program will receive tailored communication and program opportunities. In addition, they will be connected to a transfer student success coordinator who can work with them to create a transfer plan based on their interests and intended major. Transfer students will also have UNCW application fees waived and priority status for merit scholarships and deadlines.

“Student success is the foundation for all that SCC does. Though this success is our top priority while students are with us, we want to ensure that they can continue to flourish once they leave our college,” said John Bowman, the head of university transfer at SCC. “With this in mind, our collaboration with UNCW supports our students’ educational journeys through this vital transfer pathway.”

SCC’s University Transfer program offers students several options to earn credit toward their goals at UNCW. The associate of art and associate of science degrees allow students to complete their general education requirements, which will in turn let them enter UNCW with junior status. In addition, SCC offers associate degrees with concentrations in business and accounting and in teacher preparation.

These degrees will prepare students for further coursework in those fields at UNCW.

Stefanie Norris, UNCW director of transfer partnerships, said the majority of community colleges are participating in the PathWays program. Additionally, the university is adding more qualifying associate degrees to better meet the needs of students and the region’s workforce.

“This program is one of our many commitments to making UNCW a more transfer friendly destination for students across North Carolina,” Norris said. “We deeply value our partnerships with the North Carolina Community Colleges and want to assist students finding their way to UNCW as best we can.”

Students who had previously opted into the former Pathways to Excellence program are automatically transitioned into the new PathWays program, pending a partnership agreement with their community college.

For students who have not yet joined UNCW’s guaranteed admission program, they should complete the PathWays interest form, and more information will be provided once the new program launches.