SCUSA remains open with normal business hours

The last week has been filled with many changes that have upended daily life for many residents in the county. Schools have closed while restaurants and bars can no longer offer dine-in services. Other nonessential businesses, such as movie theaters and hair salons, were ordered to close Monday.

But Stanly County Umbrella Services Agency (SCUSA) is still functioning and providing transportation services.

“SCUSA is open for business, with normal hours and is here to serve the public,” Transit Director Randy Shank said.

Many of the riders are economically challenged, with some disabled or elderly, Shank said. Others use SCUSA as an alternative because they do not have access to a vehicle.

Though ridership has reduced recently due to people heeding state directives to isolate and stay at home and with many medical appointments having been canceled, Shank said SCUSA is not planning on changing rate structure or scaling back hours. People can schedule appointments. SCUSA is still available to meet people’s key needs like taking them to a medical appointment or to pick up groceries.

Shank said SCUSA is also adhering to public health guidelines, including making sure riders are sitting six feet apart from one another and thoroughly cleaning each of the 18 vehicles. Shank said a staff member is devoted to cleaning the vans and “we have him regularly going through the vans with some cleaning solution and we’re wiping down the seats.” Drivers are also wearing masks and gloves.

“We do currently have disinfectant supplies and we are using those regularly,” Shank said. The vehicles contain enough gloves and hand sanitizers, though they are running low on masks.

SCUSA rides begin as early as 5:45 a.m. for people going to work or for out-of-county appointments and run through around 6 p.m., Shank said. The office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. People should call 704-986-3790 to make an appointment.