Stanly County Schools announce end-of-year grading procedures

The North Carolina state school board released guidelines for local education agencies (LEAs) in terms of promoting or retaining students as well as grades achieved.

Student grades as of March 13 will serve as a minimum or “holding point,” according to a graphic posted by Stanly County Schools on its Facebook page.

All decisions on students being promoted or retained will be made by a school’s principal and staff.

“Schools will primarily focus on those retention cases that were already well underway prior to March 13 for reasons other than the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic issue,” the graphic read.

Feedback on academic and social/emotional development will help transition students into the next year for all students.

In grades kindergarten through fifth grade, students will not receive grades. Teachers will put together feedback for students and families to be determined by school district leaders.

Students in middle school (grades 6-8) will receive either a PC19 (pass) or WC19 (withdrew) grade.

“WC19 does not mean the student failed the course and does not imply grade retention nor middle school students. WC19 means there is a lack of evidence the student mastered the course standards,” the graphic said.

In grades 9-11 and non-graduating seniors, PC19 and WC19 or a student’s numerical grade as of March 13 could be used. Graduating seniors had already had policy made for them March 27, stating students numerical grades will only count through the fall semester. Spring-semester classes would be pass/fail. Those with a failing grade were to be provided remote learning opportunities by school districts to help them pass.