Albemarle officers fired upon during call

Albemarle Police Chief David Dulin confirmed Saturday afternoon an incident where shots were fired at Albemarle police officers.

Investigating an attempted armed robbery on South Bell Avenue Friday night, officers spoke to a victim who said a group of juveniles had attempted to sell her a gun. Dulin later said it was suspected to be a handgun, but officers did not see the weapon.

The victim indicated which direction the juveniles ran off. About a minute later, three shots were fired in the general direction of the four officers.

“It appeared they were shooting at the officers,” Dulin said.

He said officers never saw the suspects as they were shooting. No suspects were found nor were any shell casings.

The officers ran in the direction of the shooting but did not find the suspects. Officers did not return fire.

A Facebook post from Josh Laws, one of the officers involved in the incident, stated, “We started taking gunfire that missed us by feet hitting a tree and a building. We are all safe thanks to the good Lord above.”

Laws called the person who shot at them a “coward” and added the police “will find out who you are.”

Dulin said the victim could not identify the suspects and is asking the community for help in identifying them.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the anonymous tip line at 704-984-9511.