Local historian Tara Tarleton and I have been working on the history of Stanfield Grill. The Town of Stanfield website says that Lonnie and Pearl Morgan owned the business from October 1947 to April 1950. The Stanly News & Press shared that the business was then leased to Clifford Furr. In March 1951, Russell Love, Paul McElroy and their spouses took over but then the next couple of years are unclear. In 1955, the building was sold to Dwight Osborne who turned it and moved it back, away from West Stanly Street. In September 1955, the Stanfield Grill, now managed by Bobby Gene Furr, opened in a new building that had been constructed at the same location. In June 1956, the Grill was again under new management, but their name is not known. In January 1957, the restaurant changed hands once again and was now managed by Bud Drake and a Mr. Harris. A new restaurant, known as Cascio’s, opened at this location in January 1959. This restaurant is believed to have been at this location until the 1970s. {Lewis Bramlett – Stanly County Historical Society}