Stanly County School Board approves supplemental funds for certified teachers

The Stanly County Board of Education approved supplemental funds that will enable certified instructional staff members to receive bonuses later this month of more than $2,000.

This is part of the second rollout of funds from the North Carolina legislature that was part of last year’s state budget, Chief Finance Officer Terry Dudney said.

The school system received about $1.7 million, which will be divided among the 620 staff who are eligible to receive the bonus, Dudney said.

Based on his calculations, Dudney said each certified employee stands to receive $2,135.

Staff must be employed and in paid status as of May 1. Anyone who has been employed less than 100% will receive a pro-rated amount of the bonus, Dudney said.

The district last year received a little less than $1 million in funding, Dudney said, with 638 employees receiving bonuses of $1,100.