More than 4,000 Stanly residents participate in early voting

There were 4,028 voters that participated in early voting this primary.

According to Kim Blackwelder, director of elections for the county, this total results from voters going to the two polling locations in the county and those that mailed their ballots.

There were 3,980 Stanly residents that voted at either the Albemarle or Locust locations. Though not as high as in March 2016, when 4,733 people voted, it was higher than both May 2012 and May 2008 when the vote totals were 3,572 and 2,271, respectively. Compared to this primary, there were an additional two voting locations during 2008, 2012 and 2016 in New London and Norwood.

Of the 3,980 this primary, 2,929 voted at the Board of Elections inside the Stanly County Commons while 1,051 voted inside the Joel Huneycutt Community Room in Locust. The busiest early voting day was Feb. 28, when 536 people across the county voted.

“One-Stop turnout ended on a high note with the last three days for the BOE being the best,” Blackwelder said.  “The last two in Locust had the highest turnout for that site.”

There were also a total of 4,028 votes, with 2,930 for Republicans and 1,094 for Democrats. In addition to the one-stop voters, 44 people mailed their ballots, while three people voted overseas and one was in the military. The polls will be open again from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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