DEVELOPING STORY: Former mayor Whit Whitley dies

Whit Whitley, one of the longest serving mayors in the history of Albemarle, has died.

“He loved this city. He loved the history. During the time he served the city, I think he had the best interest of the present time and future in my mind,” said Mayor Pro Tem Martha Sue Hall, who served many years with Whitley as mayor.

“As I look back we have lost a whole generation of leaders within our city and county in the last five years,” Hall said. “It is saddening to me because it puts who I thought were the leaders when I was growing up — they’re no longer with us.

“It’s been an awakening for me, when I was young there was this group of leaders, not politicians, but visionary leaders in our community who are no longer with us.

“I held that group of folks in such high esteem when I was growing up.”

This is a developing story. More information will be posted as available.