New CBD store opens in Albemarle

Capitalizing on the popularity of a growing industry, a new CBD business opened in Albemarle in early March.

Aptly named Your CBD Store, it offers a wide range of CBD products. There are more than 600 Your CBD Store locations across the nation.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive naturally-occurring compound extracted from hemp plants. It’s commonly used to treat ailments and pains and contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what’s found in marijuana.

“We have the medicine without the high effect,” said owner Edwin Pineda. After a brief soft opening, the store had its grand opening March 2. It’s located along N.C. Highway 24-27 inside Sun Plaza Shopping Center next to Academy Eye Center.

Your CBD Store is located along N.C. Highway 24-27 inside Sun Plaza Shopping Center next to Academy Eye Center. Photo courtesy of Edwin Pineda.

Even during the coronavirus crisis, the store is still open.

While opening a new businesses shortly before pandemic has been tough, Pineda said, “we’re gradually improving business and we’re still excited about this thing.”

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Pineda moved to Charlotte in 1996 and opened a business in Locust selling Kirby vacuum supplies. He operated in Locust for two years before moving to Rockingham to continue with Kirby.

Pineda first tried CBD products several years ago after he learned that a former Kirby associate named Rachael Quinn opened Your CBD Store. He used to have pain playing golf and said after trying CBD, his aches were gone.

He decided to open a Your CBD Store because he believed so much in the products.

“I thought it could really and truly change people’s lives,” he said, calling his decision to change career paths as a “godsend.”

After letting his sister, who was recovering from cancer, try the products (which he said she loved), Pineda opened his first CBD store in Southern Pines last year. He made the decision to transition to Albemarle earlier this year.

“I love the company and I love the products,” Pineda said.

And the store offers plenty of options when it comes to products. There are CBD water soluble products, oil tinctures, topical creams, hand lotions, gummy bears and bath balms. Pineda even sells CBD-infused dog treats.

Your CBD Store in Albemarle, which opened March 2, sells an assortment of products including CBD gummy bears and oil tinctures.

The CPD products are all organically grown with no pesticides and each are lab tested before they go to market.

Even in the short time Your CBD has been open, people have already begun to purchase products and inquire about CBD. Pineda is currently offering free samples. Though he’s in a new location, Pineda has been shipping CBD products to his customers in Southern Pines.

“My goal is to really bring awareness and education about CBD,” Pineda said.

He plans to hold seminars to let people know more about CBD and the benefits it can offer.

The store is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.